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There’s a reason that the right to bear arms comes second only to freedom of speech, religion, and assembly in the Bill of Rights. Americans going all the way back to the Founding Fathers take the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership seriously. It’s one of the fundamental rights we hold, but also can be one of the most controversial.

Conversations about gun rights go back decades. The modern era of restrictions and reforms to gun rights started in the 1980s, with the attempted assassination of President Reagan and the subsequent enactment of the Brady Act by Congress in the wake of the serious injuries to Reagan staffer James Brady, who was shot in the assassination attempt. There has been push and pull on gun rights over the years, particularly in the wake of mass shootings in recent years in Aurora, Colorado, Tucson, Arizona, Newtown, Connecticut, and other places.

While there are some federal laws in place regarding guns and gun rights, states also have enacted their own laws about when residents can carry guns, whether they can carry concealed guns, who is allowed to own guns, and what kinds of guns residents can legally possess. Texas has more than three dozen statutes under the “Firearms” section of the Texas Penal Code addressing those very types of questions with relation to guns and other types of weapons.

With so many laws on the books, it can be a challenge for gun owners to keep all of the rules and regulations straight — but if you’re a gun owner who runs afoul of one of those laws, you may find yourself facing a criminal charge. Firearms charges can be serious legal matters. 

When you face a firearms or weapons charge, a skilled Texas weapons lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and determine the best way to fight the charge. It’s important to have someone by your side in court with a thorough knowledge of Texas' firearms and weapons laws and how they apply to your situation, as well as how prosecutors and judges in the court where your charge is pending are likely to approach cases like yours.

We understand that your rights and freedoms are on the line and are passionate in seeking justice on your behalf. If your appeal is successful, we stand ready to utilize our committed criminal defense strategies at your new trial. Contact a Texas criminal defense lawyer at our firm to learn about your legal options. We can defend you anywhere in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all surrounding cities and counties.



The criminal defense attorney you choose to represent you is a critical, potentially life-changing decision. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, you could be facing consequences ranging from the loss of driving privileges, steep fines and a permanent criminal record to probation, and lengthy jail or prison sentences. T. Christopher Lewis and the experienced team at Your Justice Matters can personally guide you through each step of the process, treating you with compassion and respect.

T. Christopher Lewis has an undying passion for the law and for seeking justice for his clients. He and his team will resolve your case from beginning to end, aggressively combating the charges against you, whether that means negotiating to have your charges reduced or dismissed or getting you out of jail on bond.

The Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis will press the prosecution to the limit for you and when necessary and is fully prepared to appeal improper decisions as part of our fight to protect your rights and freedoms. You deserve the best legal representation possible. Contact us now and we will fight for you.

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