Immigrant Crimes


The criminal justice system in America is notoriously complicated for people who have lived in this country their entire lives. Immigrants who are arrested and charged with crimes will likely have an even more difficult time figuring out their rights and what they can do to defend themselves from harsh consequences. If you or a loved one is an immigrant on American soil faced with serious criminal charges, you can contact The Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis and speak with our Texas immigrant criminal defense attorney for help.

Immigrants new to the country can often find themselves in a one-sided situation after being arrested. Many people in our society are distrusting of immigrants simply because they are not official residents or citizens of the United States. If their case goes to court, they may be viewed in a biased, negative light by the prosecution, judge, and jury. For this reason and many more, immigrants must be proactive and retain powerful, tenacious legal defense as soon as possible.

The penalties upon conviction for a nonimmigrant will usually include months or more in jail, hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and fees, and a lengthy probation period. Immigrants can expect similar sentencing with one extreme caveat: depending on the severity of their alleged crime, they could be deported or detained in a United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility where their future as a potential American resident will be weighed and reviewed. Shielding yourself from imminent deportation requires a highly-experienced criminal defense lawyer who can not only defend you in court but can also convince ICE that your removal from the country is unwarranted.


Texas Immigrant Criminal Defense AttorneyT. Christopher Lewis is adamant about promoting and protecting the rights of immigrants in Texas. When you retain our law firm’s assistance and legal counsel, you will quickly discover that we are all passionate about helping others in their time of need. If you want to know more about our services but do not want to worry about your finances, you can schedule a completely free initial case evaluation today.


The criminal defense attorney you choose to represent you is a critical, potentially life-changing decision. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, you could be facing consequences ranging from the loss of driving privileges, steep fines and a permanent criminal record to probation, and lengthy jail or prison sentences. T. Christopher Lewis and the experienced team at The Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis can personally guide you through each step of the process, treating you with compassion and respect.

T. Christopher Lewis has an undying passion for the law and for seeking justice for his clients. He and his team will resolve your case from beginning to end, aggressively combating the charges against you, whether that means negotiating to have your charges reduced or dismissed or getting you out of jail on bond.

The Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis will press the prosecution to the limit for you and when necessary and is fully prepared to appeal improper decisions as part of our fight to protect your rights and freedoms. You deserve the best legal representation possible. Contact us now and we will fight for you.

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Don’t hesitate to discuss your legal situation with our law firm. We can walk you through the criminal justice system and put our insider knowledge to work for you.


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