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The criminal defense attorney you choose to represent you is a critical, potentially life-changing decision. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, you could be facing consequences ranging from the loss of driving privileges, steep fines and a permanent criminal record to probation, and lengthy jail or prison sentences. T. Christopher Lewis and the experienced team at The Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis can personally guide you through each step of the process, treating you with compassion and respect.

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CASE:  Possession Of A Controlled Substance | Dismissed

This particular client was booked in Dallas county and charged with a Possession Of A Controlled Substance (under a gram), which is a State Jail Felony in Texas. Immigration also placed an ICE detainer on this client, wanting to deport the individual. After hiring Attorney T. Christopher Lewis for criminal defense and immigration law, all charges were dismissed and the ICE hold was lifted.

CASE: Family Violence Reduced | ICE Hold Lifted

At times, family members have disputes that can easily be mistaken as abuse by outsiders. We recently had a client that experienced this in Dallas County. Unfortunately, he was charged with Family Violence, a class A misdemeanor in Texas, and due to the fact that he had no papers to legally reside in the United States, an ICE hold was placed on this individual. Thankfully, his family hired The Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis, who’s staff tenaciously defended this gentleman. The result: his charge of Family Violence was reduced to Disorderly Conduct, a class C misdemeanor and the ICE hold was lifted.

Have you been charged with Family Violence in Dallas or surrounding cities? We can help you! Call 817-795-3900 today and schedule a FREE consultation.

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CASE: Theft Case Dismissed | ICE Hold

We recently had a client who was charged with theft, a misdemeanor, in Dallas County. Like most children of immigrants here in Texas who encounter law enforcement, an ICE hold was placed on our client. After 10 days, Attorney T. Christopher Lewis got all charges dismissed and the ICE hold lifted.

If you or a loved one has been charged with theft in Texas or has an ICE hold placed on them, call us immediately. We will fight for you!


On May 9, 2016, 19-year old Luis Ricardo Gamez was arrested and charged with Hit and Run in Dallas county, a felony in the state of Texas. He was also held with an ICE detainer. The story was featured on news outlet Telemundo 39 and became a rather large issue within the Hispanic community. The legal staff at the Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis, whom the family hired on July 11, 2016, was able to get all charges dismissed and the ICE detainer lifted. On October 28, 2016, Luis, known in the media as Dreamer, was released. Take a look at the footage, captured by Telemundo 39’s news team.

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Luis D. (DeSoto, TX)


The day I met Chris, he gave me hope and comfort by letting me know he would do his absolute best to get me out of my situation. We were blessed to come across him and his staff who worked like no one else would have and made us feel like family. The Diaz family recommends The Law Office of T. Christopher Lewis to anyone who is in need.


Francis M (Grand Prairie, TX)


A friend of mine recommended Mr. Lewis. I met with him immediately and he carefully explained what would take place and what to expect in great detail. He reassured me that he could help, and although I had my doubts, he took action quickly and aggressively. Eventually, my charges dropped. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone I know.

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